Wills & Probate

LMK LAW offers expert, friendly and easy to understand advice on Wills, Lifetime Gifts, Inheritance Tax Planning and managing your Estate.


A will allows you to:

  1. Leave clear instructions about who you wish to benefit from your estate.
  2. Choose your own Executor. This is the person who will deal with your affairs on your death.
  3. Appoint Guardians to look after your children until they come of age. You can also make financial arrangements for their benefit.
  4. Make specific bequests to individuals. These can range from a wedding ring to sums of cash.
  5. Reduce Inheritance Tax exposure.
  6. Ensure that any children from a previous marriage or relationship will receive a share of your estate.



  1. Your partner may not receive anything from your estate.
  2. Your estate is divided according to the Intestacy Rules and your spouse or civil partner may not receive as much as you would have intended them to.
  3. If you have no spouse or children, your parents or siblings may inherit your estate even if you would prefer it to go elsewhere.
  4. There is a greater likelihood that family disputes will arise.
  5. Your family could face a larger inheritance tax bill than necessary as a properly drafted Will can help reduce Tax liabilities.


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