House Sales & Purchases

LMK LAW is a member of The Law Society Home Charter Scheme and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

We provide quality bespoke services tailored to a broad range of clients from First-Time Buyers to professional landlords acquiring a portfolio of properties to Developers buying large development sites.

Our existing clients are our largest source of business – using our services again when they move, referring their families, friends and colleagues to us. This is a reflection of the level of dedication and service we provide.




Contact LMK LAW as soon as your property is placed on the market. We can then obtain your Title Deeds from your Lender and check to ensure that all is in order. Any defects or issues can be addressed long before a sale is agreed. This ensures that once the property is agreed for sale we can progress the sale as smoothly as possible.


Contact LMK LAW as soon as you have had your Offer “accepted” by the Estate Agent.  As the property is, generally, on the market until you have signed the Contract to purchase the property, it is important that there is no delay at this time.


We agree our professional fees with our clients before work is commenced. Full details of all costs, Search fees, Registration fees and Stamp Duty are provided in writing so that you are able to properly budget for what may be the biggest financial transaction you have entered into. We do not provide a “bargain-basement” service. Rather, we offer a high quality, professional service for a reasonable fee.  All conveyancing work at LMK LAW is carried out by properly qualified professionals. We do not cut corners.

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